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Playsee Youtube Ad

The Client
Playsee is a social media company headquartered in San Jose, California. Our mission is to bring people closer by fostering social inclusion and empowering people to feel seen and heard on social media. The application has had about 10 million downloads on Google Play until the time of writing this text.

After passing the interview for the position of motion graphic designer at Playsee, I was given an order to create a landing page and a short YouTube ad as well as changing the homepage of the mobile app. I went through the whole process by myself, and it was only the company that tested my creativity, quality, and speed.

My YouTube ad focuses on the fact that every app is made for something, and you cannot find attractive restaurants nearby on YouTube, for example. I received fantastic feedback from the playsee marketing team, especially from Mrs. Fiona. It was an enjoyable experience for me to work together.

CATEGORY: Animation

My RolesCharacter designer, Story, Sound Design, Editing, Background, Direction, Animating 

DatesOCT 2019