Apro Branding

The Client

Apro was one of my favorite projects. Sadly, this business couldn’t make it past one year, like many start-ups. The app Apro, created by Tourism Bank and Semega Holding, was supposed to let people buy plane tickets, hotel reservations, and special tours.


First challenge I encountered was the clichéd way in which the travel and tourism industry was presented in the APRO project. Furthermore, there was a tight deadline, which made me work very hard to finish the whole process of creation (branding, motion graphics, and 3D animation) all by myself, so it was extremely challenging.

CATEGORY: Branding

My RolesLogo design, Art direction, Identity Design, Motion design, 3d animation, rendering, 3d lighting, storyboard, 

DatesMay 2020

My vision
The circle plays a key role in an APRO project. There are many meanings associated with the circle, which is a universal symbol. A circle represents totality, wholeness, and friendship on our lovely round planet.   
Sketches and final Picks
We came up with the winner after a long discussion and brainstorming session with the team.
3D animation
Taking the perspective of the marketing team, they decided to run a campaign to reveal the new branding and website. Hence, they decided to make an introduction video to create awareness. My experience led them to suggest I make an animation. The original plan was to design it in 2D, but based on circumstance, I preferred designing it in 3D but with a 2D look. Since the journey itself is somewhere between reality and dream, I had this somewhere in between feeling. In designing 3D, there were heaps of challenges that I had to overcome due to time restrictions. 

Apro’s visual identity is all about circles. My priorities have been taking the circle into consideration, its repetition, and also the picture morphing through it. 

In 20 days I finished the entire 3D animation. To be more accurate, it’s better to say that some premade objects were used in the scenes. 

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