CatcherPouch Explainer

The Client
Post offices used catcher pouches to exchange mail on moving trains in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. As in the old days, CatcherPouch lets people rent out their empty baggage spaces in flight to friends, colleges, or customers who need to send things. Another option is to buy something from somewhere else and pick a passenger from the application to deliver it for you.
My job was to make a promotional video for a British company. It took me 400 hours because it was all hand drawn. The characters were animated on the Samsung tablet with flipaclip, then cleaned and colored in Photoshop. Last but not least, composite everything in After Effects. Based on marketing goals and concerns of the company, I directed the animation. Thankfully, I can’t remember the name of the English voice actor who did the voice-over.Despite the fact that it could be better, especially when it comes to cleaning, it’s probably okay. Let me know what you think.


CATEGORY: Animation

My RolesIdea, Background, Animating, Character design, Direction, Editing, sound design

Dates: Sep 2020

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