Essenol Branding

The Client

In the city of Essen, there is a German motor oil brand called Essenol. They produce High-performance lubricants, engine oils, additives, gear oils for automatic and manual transmissions, hydraulic oils, greases, vehicle care products, radiator antifreeze/ antifreeze, brake fluids, winter protection chemicals, also for racing use.There is no release date for their products yet, of course. 


A logo design and visual identity package, as well as brand guidelines, were part of the branding package I was commissioned for. Initially, it was very difficult for me since I had no experience in the field of industrial design, which is the design of one-liter and four-liter product packages.

My first step was to research and interview business owners and consumers. A total of 15 candidates were selected from about 50 candidates. All cases were recalled as best as I could. Strong, available, high quality, expensive, and rough are some of the Essenol brand’s attributes. As for the packaging design, I was inspired by the shape of a sitting lion, the combination of e and s, and the shape of the motor oil logo.

CATEGORY: Branding

My RolesLogo design, Art direction, Identity Design, Package design(industrial design)

DatesJul 2019

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