FlavorTome Animation

The Client
On flavortome, you will find original recipes. Recipes provided by users. It is also possible for you and your friends to eat the same food at the trainer’s house. The benefit of Flavortome is that it creates a sense of community, generates income for local chefs, and facilitates better and more friendly communication among neighborhood residents. 

In September 2019, I got an offer to make an explainer from someone in Germany who had seen one of my animations. This was my first time making animation with a foreign company. For me, MOHO was the easiest tool to animate the character. Based on the target market that the company had in mind, I picked characters from different nationalities. Those are East Asians, Indians, and Germans. To show off the diversity of cultures. The ability to show the capabilities of this application in a friendly and family setting involving the emotions of the audience who had a grandmother who made food for them would have worked for me in my imagination. I think the animations could have been better, but considering Moho’s limitations and the time limit.

To convey a more interesting and mixed feeling, I chose 3D environments. Although I used Archviz packages for the 3D environment. But I rendered and changed things in the environment myself. C4D was used for a scene where sauce is thrown from a character’s hand.

CATEGORY: Animation

My RolesCharacter designer, Story, Sound Design, Editing, Background, Direction, Animating 

DatesOCT 2019

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