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The Client

A lot like Zoomg’s box office show, Frame is not focused only on reviewing the best-selling movies of the week, but it has a broader focus. In other words, the box office report is only one of its items, and we cover a wider range of topics in its format. Films and series from around the world, as well as a variety of other sections.


Using famous Iranian and international movies as inspiration for a different intro. In the middle of the show, I created some motion graphics that kept a cinematic mood and were modern and attractive. Making pre-made templates for the Host’s background as well as green screen templates. Using a series of steps (which I created dynamically), the elements can be automatically added to the video for rendering and high-speed Production.

CATEGORY: Animation

My Roles: Art direction, Identity Design, Motion Design, Animation, Idea

Dates: Aug 2017

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