MallMark Branding

The Client

After 20 years of experience, MallMark Real Estate, which was established with professional teams in its field, provides services in the fields of shopping mall management, leasing, project and concept development, asset management and finance management in Turkey and in the region in order to be more than a management company.

Unfortunately, mallmark iran was shot down after two years due to restrictions. 


The mallmark iran hired me as an art director. My next task was to rebrand Iran headquarters’ identity. As part of my research, I looked at the history of retail shops and architecture, as well as the essence of business. In order to make the design usable and meaningful, I tried to strike a balance between both.

CATEGORY: Branding

My RolesLogo design, Art direction, Identity Design, 

DatesDEC 2020

As far as the form is concerned, I had to stick to the original logo of the mallmark company. Below is the image.  

It is well known that angles have been given a lot of attention in mathematics and architecture for a long time. 15 degree, 30 degree, 45 degree, 90 degree angles

In the end, we chose a 15-degree angle. Initially, the logo typeface is facing forward, as indicated by its italic form. However, it is also very strong. The design should reflect the brand’s identity and should also reflect a sharpness (both signals of critique and progress) in retail and commercial sectors.

Step movement is symbolized by the logo. The brand is built on the concept and essence of continuous improvement. Additionally, it contains the English letter M, which symbolizes solid unity. We have also tried to create a lasting impression in the audience’s mind by combining the letter M in Farsi typography.

As well as finding the typeface (Peyda), ensuring the geometric framework is stable, and remaining modern and in harmony with the logo and brand is essential.

The Sage Archetype

Professional, educated, expert, leader, teacher
Goal Understanding existing knowledge and teaching it to others is our vison.
Voice Genuine, fundamental, original, intelligent, researched
Strategy Seeking information and knowledge through real research


By leveraging the localization of current knowledge as well as its long-standing experience in international management, implementation, and training, Mall Mark Iran aims to be a valuable partner to the Iranian retail industry's stakeholders and service providers. In addition, Over the next two years, this company is expected to reach the top of the Middle East and Asia


  •  Retail management services
  •  Management and operation of business centers
  •  Marketing and sales consulting services to operate

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