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The Client
In the mid ‘90s, RM Innovation founder David Khazai was running rug stores around the country. But as he went through the day-to-day operations of running his stores, he kept hitting the same walls—the technological tools he needed to be successful just weren’t available. Feeling this pain first-hand, he found himself saying two very important words: “What if?” 
What if there was a tool that made operations seamless and efficient for the smaller retailer? What if he could create a simple solution that completely automated best practices in the rug industry? One thing Mr. Khazai had learned from his own business experience was that if you can measure it, you can manage it– and if you can manage it, you can grow it. With this insight in tow, he started building RM Pro, a point of sale and inventory system that incorporated powerful measurement capabilities. 

Datalink powers retail businesses by streaming standardized, fresh product data directly to both E-commerce stores and POS systems in real time. Our revolutionary technology means that a vendor’s entire product catalog is available in just a few clicks. Better yet, products are automatically updated when new collections are released, items are discontinued, or prices are changed. With Datalink, You can leave the product data management to us and focus on what’s important– growing your business.

Several stages were involved in the design of this animation. Initially, I had a three-person team, but due to our heavy workload in company I was unable to use my teammates for any stage of the process, except for consensus. It was much more difficult because of that. Initial stages, such as creating the story and story board that show the CEO and marketing team’s vision of the product, were challenging and complicated. About two months after my arrival in the company, this project began. My knowledge of the whole product was still limited. Thanks to our CEO and technical team I was able to get a clear understanding of the product. As a result of our continual meetings, we were able to come up with a good idea and start the project.


CATEGORY: Animation

My RolesIdea, Background, Animating, Character design, Direction, Editing, sound design

Dates: March 2020

An animatic is created from a paper sketch of the story board.
Using text-to-speech, I added the narration to the clip. In order to improve the accuracy of the timings.
 My next step was to get references, which involved playing a series of scenes myself. 
Next, I reached the style guide for character and space design. I drew the characters in Illustrator and then prepared and rigged the characters in Moho software. In the design process, I had to change some parts of the scenario and design. which is more consistent with the space. The whole process was done in two months.

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