Varanegar Co. Branding

The Client

VARANEGAR group started working in 2001. Due to the needs of the Iranian software market in the field of capillary sales and distribution, it was able to produce the most advanced, largest and most reliable integrated and specialized software in this field. Today, more than 10,000 versions of online software on tablets and mobile phones, 600 active customers with 3,000 distribution and store areas and 120 software experts are all signs of the group’s success.Unfortunately, mallmark iran was shot down after two years due to restrictions. 


Create a brand Identity to reflect their soul, Power, quality and Dignity. to show the Successful connection between Distributers, Retailers, and End Customers was their second concern. 

CATEGORY: Branding

My RolesCreative Designing, Branding, Art Direction, Logo Design

DatesMarch 2021

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