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The Client

Hadaf store officially started its activity in 2014 with the aim of improving the quality in the fields of domestic and foreign trade and e-commerce. The creation of Iran’s largest and most complete online store is one of our most important goals. Its commercial unit strives for the best quality and price in supplying and distributing products and providing after-sales services. With its slogan “find easily, compare easily, and buy something special!” » this “trade” unit “Electronics” is one of its priorities.


When I was commissioned by Target, I wanted to do something different than the usual routine for banners on the web. That is, with the element of storytelling and narration of the image, I tried to convey the message of each product separately to the audience. I wanted to create a different perspective and a different experience for myself. For this reason, I made almost most of the elements in a 3D environment, rendered them and combined them with the original product and photos that could complete my narration.

CATEGORY: Graphic Design

My Roles: Banner Design, Creative Ideation, Photo manipulation

Dates: Apr 2020

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