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The Client

NeuroGrant mainly focused on collecting brain signals challenges for researchers, marketers and data analysts. We are going to gather the Neuroscience and Tech community to discuss the emerging technologies helping scientists and researchers collect biosignals easier, and use cut-in-edge technologies to have more performance.


During the Sing With Me tour, Alireza Ghorbani was going to be touring Germany. I was asked to design the posters. Since I’ve been studying and practicing Iranian music for more than a decade, both in instruments and in singing, the musical spaces and the elements describing their nature are familiar to me.I wanted the accompaniment of the people to be seen in the audience’s eyes with this piece. The feeling and interaction between them and their audience is remarkable, even considering the difficulty of the pieces. Therefore, I wanted to show this element in the design of the poster. 

CATEGORY: Graphic design

My RolesPainting, Graphic Design, Poster

DatesNov 2021

Two ideas came to me, one was a painting I did to show the friendliness and closeness in the songs. These songs came from Torbat Jam, which is where they originated. When you look into the mirror, you’ll see Alireza Ghorbani singing. When you look in the mirror, it’s like you’re singing along with him.

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