Garden of Love App Design

The Client

A non-profit organization founded to assist people in need around the world. We must help each other and fund the ones who need assistance, regardless of whether you live in Afghanistan, South America, or Africa. I led a team of three people.


It was hard to come up with a better perspective or perhaps, it’s better to say, a feature or even an approach to help anyone without any effort and ease of use, which Facebook and others like Go Fund Me haven’t done. we’ve been struggling with many ideas,  we ran out a lot of sessions with volunteers and also charity holders all around the globe. so finally we found a solution. 


My Roles: Product Design team lead, User research, Persona Creation, Character design, Style Guide, Design UI, Wireframe, UserJourney



Then we created personas based on our categories. These kinds of services are available on lots of websites. Our idea was to make it like social media and create an environment that people can trust and feel comfortable helping and doing charitable things. Due to the high level of competition, you have to say something different. That’s what we did. Using gamification to help and fund allows us to show users how a fundraising campaign or other kind of funding works. As a side note, you don’t know what is going to happen to your donation when you donate to a campaign. However, we made sure the creators of the campaign, which in our case had to be an NGO, showed how it worked and updated the founders. The transparency increased a lot thanks to it. 

What I Learned

I didn’t know exactly how to manage the team at the beginning. Being the leader of a product design team was my first experience, so it was challenging at first. However, our team found a common language through human center design and design thinking. Accordingly, these kinds of jobs require a friendly and happy work environment. Due to the size of the task. It took us around 450 pages, 300 components, 14 different flows, and many other things to handle. At the beginning, we were not aligned well together, but day by day, we got better. As a final step, I created some character designs to maintain a good and harmonized language design. 

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