Whatsup Doc? App

The Client
This app helps people find the fastest time to go to the ER It’s one of the biggest issues in Canadian hospitals and hospitals on average have waiting times of around 4-5 hours.

When infrastructure is required, finding a solution to a serious problem becomes more difficult. A quick trip to the emergency room is a dream come true for Canadians. The waiting time is long, so we thought maybe we could help people go to a less crowded ER near them. 


My Roles: User interview, Data gathering, Persona creation, wireframing, UI design 



It takes a lot of effort to handle this, but we have a solution both on the client side and on the admin side. In the hospital, an operator updates the situation of the ER, and they can help people with basic problems. The doctor can take care of it if it does not require a trip to the ER. Detailed information about the area’s hospitals was mapped out here. The emergency room is so easily accessible for elderly people and even children.  

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