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The Client

In spring 2018, the Iran Vocology Center was established in Tehran as the nation’s first voice team dedicated to recognizing, evaluating, treating, preventing, training, and promoting voice health. By examining the nature and damage of the voice and studying ways to treat it, this center tries to be a pioneer in voice education and treatment.


When I was given the task of designing a logo for a medical facility that deals with sound and music, I wanted it to represent the larynx, take on a musical identity, and stand out from the cold confines of medicine.

CATEGORY: Animation

My Roles: Art direction, Identity Design, Motion Design, Animation, Idea

Dates: Mar 2018

 After interviewing the founders, we chose blue as the brand’s color. In addition to being clear and bright, blue has the refreshing properties of being quiet and promising. In the eyes of the viewer, blue color creates a sense of height and depth. Height as wide as the sky and depth as deep as the ocean. Peace and comfort are created by such a state. This is an intimate color. The logo consists of a letter V as well as sound signals.

I also created a motion graphics promotional video for the institution as part of the cooperation, which I believe worked well in the institution’s advertising campaign, and many clients were referred to the collection as a result. There were prominent Iranian pioneers and singers among them.

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