Mohsen Namjoo Concert's Poster

The Client
Mohsen Namjoo (Persianمحسن نامجو) is an Iranian singer-songwriter, composer and musician. His style of music is influenced by blues and rock as well as Iranian folk music.
I considered a lot of patterns when designing this poster. It’s crucial to pay attention to Mohsen Namjoo’s character and his performance. Mohsen has found unique paths in music thanks to his background in Iranian music. Although the path has its roots in Khorasanian music, it also possesses some essence of jazz and blues music. This is why I chose the oldest type of poster design, a risky design. At the same time, the design uses both modern lines and moods.


My RolesIdea, Illustration, design

DatesAPR 2019


Namjoo lives in a gray world. Mohsen is surrounded by this atmosphere. However, he himself is either white or black, since he screams. For me, screaming is kind of yellow.


Sans serif was my choice of typeface. In my opinion, although Namjoo’s speech may seem old at times, it does have a new form. As a result, this should have been indicated in the Typography. I’d like to mention that Juliata Ulanovsky, an Argentinian designer, designed Montserrat based on old signs and writings from Buenos Aires.

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Final design
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