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The Client

The text I am Taji” is based on a semi-complete novel of the same name, which was dramatized by Mohammad Shabdar and Razia Bahrami in a workshop. In it, we see how people felt when Naseruddin Shah was assassinated in the Qajar period.


With Vahid Chamani’s permission, I used his paintings for the poster to show the three stages of the main character’s life: childhood, youth, and middle age. To avoid damaging the originals, I tried different compositions. In Vahid Chamani’s visual literature, you can clearly see the atmosphere of suffocation, weakness, and coercion of the Qajar period. It was important to me to emphasize the visual elements of that period as well as Chamani’s work by choosing the color and font of the work. 

CATEGORY: Graphic Design

My RolesPoster design, Art direction

DatesJul 2019

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