Vancowhere Posters

The Client

Vancowhere is a Canadian online listing platform. Local businesses have the opportunity to introduce themselves better through this platform. A dedicated and personal page, which has many more features than Google My Business, can help businesses be seen better. By searching, categorizing, filtering, and displaying on a map, users can locate the best business in the closest distance to them. Covid has unfortunately delayed the launch of the site.


Posters for outdoor advertising in Vancouver were ordered along with the production of various materials. The design should have taken into account Vancouver’s diverse environment as well as its wide variety of ethnicities and cultures. The slogan and main idea of the campaign was to pay attention to the correct way of communicating and to develop new ways for improving communication. Initially, there was just a poster, but as the ideas grew, it was accepted by the employer and it was like we were on a road where slogans became images.

CATEGORY: Graphic Design

My RolesPoster design, Art direction

DatesDec 2019

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