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The Client

NeuroGrant mainly focused on collecting brain signals challenges for researchers, marketers and data analysts. We are going to gather the Neuroscience and Tech community to discuss the emerging technologies helping scientists and researchers collect biosignals easier, and use cut-in-edge technologies to have more performance.


The Zarla project had already been launched before my arrival. Despite the fact that the procedures had not yet been completed, the logo and other preparations had already been completed. It was a challenge for me to define a space that matches the spirit of a revolutionary environment such as the blockchain environment. During different meetings, a lot of information was gathered, such as the history of the founders as well as their visions and opinions about Zarela’s future. As we progressed, we developed a unique framework for Zarla based on the archetypes of the brand. It took two months to redesign the brand. My lovely college and friends advised me throughout this process, which I am extremely thankful for.

CATEGORY: Branding

My RolesLogo design, Art direction, Identity Design, Motion desgin

DatesJul 2022

The Zarla project is getting more and more interesting. My opinion is that this is the first of its kind. Our goal with NeuroGrant is to help neuroscientists and blockchain activists propose creative and creative solutions. The essence of the character and the atmosphere I designed for Neuro Grant is a man who walked through the gate and looked forward. Zarla’s color space surrounds it. Initially, the glass man holds a diamond that represents grants. In the next poster, he’s free and facing the sky, showing the meaning of liberation and piety.


The main topic of Second Neurogrant is Neurotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain

  • How Blockchain affects Neuroscience
  • How Neuroscience affects Artificial Intelligence
  • How would the future of Neuroscience
  • What would be the trends of Neuroscience

I decided to make the second Neurogrant poster more stylized, meaning more painting-like. As NFT works, we donated posters to top users and contributors.

Artificial intelligence is the focus of NeuroGrant two. A connection is made between the robot and the glass man, which is a symbol of neurogrant. Throughout the rest of the piece, we made the robot holding a pen a symbol of learning. The blockchain is powered by a robot that’s learning to mature. Neurogrant stands for that.


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